Jaani Dushman, 1979

Directed by: Rajkumar Kohli

I’m a finishing things kind of person.
No matter how awful a book, or a TV show or a movie is, once I start I must finish.
The exception being this movie.

The only thing I’m aware of about this movie is:
1. Neetu is in it.
2. There are like, 42 other famous people in it. Each, mind you, with their own plot line. It got really confusing after about 2 minutes.
3. If you get married, then your bride will be killed by some psychopathic man who can’t look at bridal red without a) going crazy and b) turning into a werewolf.

4. I fell asleep a few times while watching, so I might have missed all the good parts?

Yeah, not so sure about that last one…

I’m not a horror genre person, but I can tolerate them if I have to. Indian horror flicks are something else entirely. It was part scary movie part love story with no connection to the scary parts until someone got married and the wolf man came out. It was like watching two completely unrelated films that were sort of mashed incoherently together. Almost like two different films were started, and then canned, but being economical, a crafty editor melted them into one film and gave us Jaani Dushman.

Who knows.

Here are some screen caps of Neetu, though: