Idle Hands are the Idlers Excuse to do NOTHING

Thanksgiving was invented by a very wonderful person who loved [senior college]students.
Forget the Pilgrims (i.e. my entire family, but that’s another blog) and Indians and cornucopias of Puritanical vegetables (fact: I don’t know what that is supposed to mean…)
Ahhh, aren’t they so… awkward?
Thanksgiving was invented by someone, I’m going to go with my granddaddy Speake, who thought “Prithee, Let us create a holiday wherewith our future children’s children will be able to rest whilst preparing for their last two weeks of a semester of university, which they will all attend, regardless of sex or color”.
Right, I made that up again; but still… I would like to believe that my ancestors were that forward thinking… especially since they had escaped English oppression and managed not to die on the Mayflower and were trying to live free of discrimination. Or something.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for telling people what I’m grateful for (i.e. myself and mirrors)
but where I am in life a week-long break from classes, roommates and the desire to shower (which I would never be able to manage, since I can’t go more than 10 hours sans a bath) is a mighty wonderful gift from my ancestors the Pilgrims. Especially since Christmas holidays start in just THREE weeks!
Yes, I had planned to get A LOT done during my week off, but that just didn’t happen. With managing school, work, pre-senior recital stuff, a social life and a crippling Bollywood obsession I was just burnt out. So I literally did not leave the couch. All week. Except to shower. And eat. And go to work. And change Shahrukh Khan DVDs.
But it was all worth it. I feel recharged and ready to take on the world.
And, in an effort to not appear totally ungrateful, here is a list of things I am very thankful for, from this week:
1. My roommates (of which there are 5) were gone for the ENTIRE week. It wasn’t more than an hour from when the last one left and I got my hands on the freezer/fridge. That thing is clean and organized and sparkling. Also, with all of them gone, I was able to keep the apartment clean for a week… not impressive if you know me, but with 5 other people running around all the time it’s hard to keep on top of stuff like that. :) That said, I do love them, darling
Before… I know, I know… though it might be good to mention that the ONLY things of MINE in the entire fridge are the two bottles of Martinelli’s, quart of pineapple and orange pop in the upper right corner… which might say more about me than I want it to.

After! I am, it has to be said, an organizational genius and goddess.
Oh, and I like to throw moldy things away, whereas my roommates like to hold onto them…
And, my shelf of stuff is very nicely displayed in this shot. Enjoy it people.
Judge me if you must.

The freezer. I hate it. It’s small, dark and the “before” pic did not survive. Use your imaginations based off of the fridge, it will probably get you close. Again, I don’t claim a bag or box in the freezer.

2. Skype. Not only was I able to sit in on both HUGE family Thanksgivings on the other coast of the US (which was kind of weird) I was also able to participate in the annual family watching of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, which is a must-watch when stuffed to the ears with turkey and corn and potatoes.

I have a very colorful background. I’m just noticing that.
3. Snow. I know you’re all thinking “What?! She hates snow!” True, I dislike it, but for it being the end of November and it’s JUST starting to fall (compared to September, typcially) I was happy to see it… especially since the town was emptied of students and I didn’t have to worry about idiots driving on it…. since you know, Idahoans don’t use road salt or snow plows. EVER.
Don’t bee fooled. All that snow fell in aprox. 15 minutes… and it kept falling.

4. Unlimited and unbiased free-reign of the family room’s big TV and better sound system to watch Bollywood until I couldn’t take it any more (and after a point, I did have to switch to English-language films… but only for a little bit). There was noting better than curling up on
the couch in my CLEAN house to watch a bit of Shahrukh and revel in the general cleanliness.
Typical post-shower, Martinelli’s grasping Bollywood watching pose.

Incase you wanted a panorama of my apartment… it does look lovely, if over decorated (in my opinion)
Ahhh, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, though everyone hates you, I don’t.
I will continue to watch you three times in-a-row, every time I put you in my DVD player.

5. Black Friday. Enough said. I promised myself I wouldn’t spend money, uhh, yeah, epic fail on my part. $250 dollars and a packed car full of bags later (err, exactly 20 minutes later. I’m really fast in a mall) I was singing another tune… namely “I’m in so much trouble now, I need a personal accountant who will chop off my fingers when I spend money”. BUUUUT, I did score a lot of things I really needed and these super hot earrings… which will be useful either when I attend the Oscars or appear as a bride in my Indian wedding (should that ever happen).


I was reading through some of my posts today and they all sound very cynical, complainy and kind of …er…witchy. In an effort to change that, I want to concentrate on what has been going well lately.

1. I recently had a 4-day weekend, and celebrated the Fourth of July (my favorite holiday!) and saw fireworks and watched a marathon of The History Channel’s “The Revolution”. Also, every single one of my 5 roommates were out of town, so I had 5 days of silence, peace, and cleanliness. I got to catch up on my sleep, watch as much Bollywood as I wanted, and had free-range of the living room. It was bliss.
2. One night I came home from the Opera and my roommates had bought me a bouquet of flowers and secretly placed them on my desk. It was sweet and beautiful. I LOVE having fresh flowers in my room, and they picked a beautiful summer bouquet. They also wrote up a touching card to go along with it. The flowers have been a bright and fresh addition to my room and they make me smile when I look at them.

I was so caught up in excitement, I took a picture. 
3.  I had a fantastic lesson today and later had my music restored to me by someone who found it. Two wonderful things all at the same time. Perfection.
4. The weather has been sunny and hot. After 4 weeks of rain every day and every night, this is a nice change.
5. On Friday my family will be here! I’m so excited! My sisters have never been to Idaho and my parents have never been here at the same time. Also, this weekend the Opera closes, which will be both sad and a relief. I’m glad I get to share this with the people I love the most!
We’re very brightly colored people…

The Many Reasons I Wish I Lived Alone:

…this could be dangerous…

I currently live in an apartment with four other girls. Typically there are five other ones, but we’re not full at the moment. We all have our own rooms, thank heavens, but I would still much rather be all alone…
I have lived with the same 3 girls for the past few years, and had other ones cycle out (mainly due to getting married or graduating) but when I moved in with the 3 originals the apartment was absolutely disgusting. I would come over to visit my friend C, and end up doing their dishes and taking out their trash because I couldn’t even talk to C while their house was in such a mess.  Fast forward two years later and the apartment is typically very clean, and I am typically the only one cleaning. Yes, it gets annoying at sometimes, but I’d much rather I clean and do it “correctly” (aka the way I was taught to clean by my bleach-loving O.C.D. mother) than they clean and have me do it all over again because their idea of clean isn’t u
p to par with my own.
But today, I’m annoyed, and I’m a little upset, so I offer my Top 5 (I hope only 5) reasons why I wish I lived alone. 
1. The Refrigerator:
   Currently in the fridge/freezer I have 5 items, a gallon of water, a half gallon of milk, a jar of extra hot salsa, a bottle of extra spicy hot sauce and a gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip Bluebunny Ice Cream. 
Just five things.
I keep these items on one shelf in the fridge door (except for the ice cream, which is in the freezer, logically). The rest of the fridge/freezer, I might add, is overflowing with eggs. milk, and rotten things people have saved and forgotten to eat. I used to clean out the fridge all the time until I moved to my little shelf, but I stopped caring after I stopped digging through the abyss of rotten goods. The other day I came home and my shelf had been disassembled and in place of my stuff 15 bottles of salad dressing were in it’s place. I don’t ask for much, I don’t keep much, so I waited for my roommates to leave on a group Wal*Mart run and I restored MY order to MY shelf. It maybe selfish, but I don’t have 4 bowls of the
 same soup in bowls saran wrapped in the back of the fridge either… so get over it. 
2. The T.V.:
As a rule, I hardly watch T.V. during the school semester…but this semester is different, I have A LOT of free time on my hands, mainly between noon and 
two so I always sit down with my lunch and watch the History Channel. At this time of day, recently, there has been a lot of specials on Germany in WWII and the Nazis and so on. Every time I watch these programs I get offended stares from my roommates as they walk through the living room. 
Excuse me!
 I like history, I have a passion for it (and all my roommates k
now that) and WWII, after the Civil War, happens to be one of those eras I am just astonished by. And anyway, I endure hearing you watch re-runs of “Reba” and “What I Like About You” and, hell of hells, “Gilmore Girls” on volume level 500 every night for 3 hours. Allow me my time with the Allied and Axis powers every other afternoon on volume level 10 with out all the judgement. Thank you.

The only show in the history of T.V. that makes me want to commit violent crimes, and all of my roommates love it.
3. Dishes:
I am always doing the dishes. 
Don’t get me wrong, I actually LIKE to, but it would be a lot easier if my roommates didn’t leave things in pans and bowls to fester and cement for days before I finally get pissed enough to just do the dishes. Granted, they’ve been a lot better this semester, but everyone and a while they get bad again and I loose the faith I had been gaining in their ability to be the “clean freaks” they seem to think they are. (Newsflash: you’re not) 
I wouldn’t mind if they left me the dishes, but if they could just rinse them out before leaving them it would be a wonder. It takes all of 2 seconds after you cook something… the time for the food to cool down. Just rinse it out, give it a quick pass with the scrub brush and, volia! Happy Erin!
4. The Windows:
It’s summer (well, still early spring) here in Idaho and believe it or not the weather is actually VERY beautiful. I’m shocked beyond belief, but it’s true. It’s just heavenly outside.  In such weather, as I would assume most people do, I like to have the house open. Blinds open, windows open, door open…etc. just to keep things fresh and breezy. 
Not my roommates. 
Daily I come home to a cloister…the windows and blinds are shut and the apartment is boiling and smelling like the trash that hasn’t made it to the dumpster 3 days overdue (which I promptly take out in a huff and a puff of disapproval). It’s disgusting.  They talk and talk about how nice it is outside and how they should go to the park and bask in the sun (two of them are not in classes right now. It’s terrible) but they do nothing but sit inside, in the PJs watching TV breathing in stale, hot, smelly air.
I’m the phantom window opener… even after they’ve been shut 5 or 6 times in the hour I keep opening them. We’re not living in a quarantined building.
5. Social Obligations
I’m a fairly social person, but I’m also a stay-at-home sort of person.  I’m not looking to get married at 20 like everyone else around here so I don’t go out all that often. I have a busy school course load and Opera rehearsal about 4 times a week so when Friday and Saturday roll around I LIKE to sit at home and watch “Gone with the Wind” for the 342,623,243,672,456th time. I like the quiet, the peace. So, kind roommates, go have your fun, go get overdressed and overly made-up to go sit at the boy’s apartment and watch them play Garage Band for 3 hours and pretend like you’re not bored. I won’t judge you, so spare me the sympathetic “you’re so sad and friendless” looks you give me as you walk out the door. 9 times out of 10 I actually end up going over to someone’s house or having people over… so I really don’t sit at home all alone all night. But I also don’t sit alone and mope and cry and shove ice cream into my mouth and lament that I’m not pretending to act interested watching immature boys play Garage Band and fart at one another.
Spare me from that. And spare me you’re pity, I don’t need it.
  I dearly love my roommates, I really do. They are wonderful girls, but living with anyone has their moments of “ups and downs”…so take it with a grain of salt.