Kabhi Kabhie, 1976

I saw (2 years after hearing about his “supposed” wonderfulness) my first Shashi Kapoor film: Kabhi Kabhie.

The film is delightfully full of everything YRF-ish that I just drool over: Divided lovers, mountains, seasons that change at the drop of a hat, love triangles x100, undercover identities, dramatic confrontations…

And it has somethings that I just love anyway: Sexy Amitabh is sexy sweaters, bad mustaches, extreme reactions to adoptions, sexy Amitabh’s sexy hair, and lips, and hands… (I know, focus Erin!) silly actions scenes that are just somewhat out of place, and….my new super crush… Shashi Kapoor!

Now, I’m not saying that I’m ready for Shahrukh to step aside, but I am saying that it’s probably a good thing that they never did a film together, otherwise I might die upon watching it from extreme bliss and asphyxiation, since I can’t seems to pull myself together enough the breathe when SRK is smoldering away and Nose Acting; which is the same reaction I had to the wedding night scene in KK.

That scene made me agree to the idea of an arranged marriage.

And there is my now infamous Tweet (in my mind at least) reaction to Shashi that has been RT’ed on by Beth and mentioned in the comments of one of her Filmi Secret Santa blogs that I thought for good measure should just be added to my post:

oh. my. god. I think I’ve been Shashified.I get IT!! I can’t breathe when he’s on screen! eeeee!”

It’s amazing that I even had the mental capacity to type that, I had seriously lost it. I was almost in tears and I had the weird giggling of someone who was heavily drugged. 

I was very impressed with the movie, I’m not much of a 70s Bollywood fan, I like my 2000s and 90s (I know) but I really liked it. The pacing was good, which compared to the only other 70s film I’ve seen (and I can’t remember what it was, but it was about 5 hours long… and boring) was a huge plus.  The plot, while sometimes convoluted, was interesting and even though Shashi is not on screen the entire time it didn’t bother me because I was absorbed in everything else that was going on. Even the second plot of Shashi’s son (Rishi Kapoor) didn’t annoy me too much, because every time I was getting a little bored by them it would go back to the Amitabh/Shashi/Rakhee (who is another new favorite) story line.

The music wasn’t all that impressive to me, I guess it works well on screen and in context but I wasn’t really paying attention to it and it wasn’t stuck in my head when I turned it off.  The song sung above (Kabhi Kabhie) I liked, but I’m not rushing out to buy this soundtrack (a highly a-typical move for me).

There was something I was bothered by and it’s the same thing (permit me) that bothers me about the Twilight story line. Rakhee seemed genuinely happy  in her marriage to Shashi. He was upbeat, fun, nice, loving…etc. They laughed a lot, flirted and were just all-around a happy couple. However, whenever Amitabh is around (her ex-lover who told her to agree to her marriage) she acts like she’s been living for him the entire time and all he is is cold, hurtful, needy and boring. Ugh. Hello Edward and Jacob. In the end the right choice is made and Rakhee realizes her pyaar for Shashi (I’m sorry, but who wouldn’t?) but there was a moment where I thought it was going to go horribly wrong and she was going to run away with Edward, uh, I mean Amitabh.  And I’m sorry, but after 20 years of being without your ex-lover I really think it’s time to give up that dream. (Eh, what do I know, I’m not the romantic.)
Why take the man who’s always moping around and sucking life away when you can have the fun, realistic, happy one?

I watched this with K & L (of course) who didn’t know they were getting a non-SRK movie. L really liked it and K did too, but K was not pulled into the den of Shashi goodness. Pity.