A Love Letter to End All Love Letters

Dear Bess,

It was quite a wrench to see you go away. I watched the train pull out as I walked up the platform and I felt most decidedly lonesome. I’m glad the d—- Senate acted according to its usual form and that the weather conspired with it so I could take you to the train. I am more of a sentimentalist at fifty-seven than I was a sixteen—and that is a most astronomical statement. You know at sixteen I had read all the books, including the encyclopedias, in the Independence Public Library and had been through the Bible twice and I thought—and still think—that you were Esther, Ruth, and Bathsheba, all combined.

Harry Truman, letter to Bess Truman, August 15, 1941 (via marthatomichelle)

Can we just take a moment to sigh, and melt, and swoon.

I want to revamp the habit of love letters, text messages just don’t fill the void… and you can’t show them wrapped up with a hair ribbon to your grandchildren.