A Reluctant Convert, but a Whole Hearted One Nonetheless

It’s 70s Week!

Since my Netflix hasn’t arrived yet, and there are NO 70s flicks on Watch Instantly (the horror!) I thought I would try to communicate my conversion to the greatness that is Masala!

However, I could only get so far in changing the lyrics to “I Will Survive” before I gave up, and rightfully so. Why mess with a Karaoke classic?

There have been few 70s films in my life up until recently. I lament all the time I spent avoiding them because I was scared of them. (No lie.) My fear was becoming like what every other Bolly watcher was: Obsessed with a youthful (not growling and fatherly!) Amitabh; amorous for some mop-haired, open buttoned, crooked smiling pretty boy (guess who); constantly praising Neetu whose awkward mutton chopped …things… hanging down by her face made her look insane; happy with WTF-ery; and adamant that the 70s were “The Golden Age” of Bollywood, not the 90s; and all together fine with the fact that Shah Rukh was nowhere to be found on any frame!

I thought to myself: “They are crazy!”

Turns out, either I was the crazy one, or they’re really persuasive, those Masala-loving types.

The first time I sured up my guts and asked Beth for a… what did I call it… “Vintage Amitabh”(?) she directed me towards Parvarish. It was sent to my house and for the next four hours (or so) I sat on my couch in that terrible half-awake-but-not-really mode. I succumbed to my desires and napped through most of it. I tried to re-watch it, I promise I tried, but it just didn’t work for me. I sent it back knowing that I was right and that 90s KJo flicks were where it was at.

Then came Don: The Chase Begins. Ah, great memories, one day when I went to post “Khaike Paan Banaras Wala” on a friends Facebook, I got an Amitabh clip instead.

WHAT!? It was a remake?

Finally my interest was piqued, I got Old Don and watched it with zeal! “This could be it!” I thought, excited that I might finally be in the 70s-Lovers-Club!

Alas, I was not. It would take something more profound. More heart stopping. More…well, I think you know what is coming…

More…lovely and amazing and beautiful and darling and dil melting and smoldering and wonderful and perfect and all around Shashi-tastic.

The film, was Kabhi Kabhie.

I was warned by more informed folks than I to watch out for the “Wedding Night” scene. Thinking it would surely come at the end of the movie I was unprepared when within the first TEN minutes I was subjected (gladly) to Shashi Kapoor and all of his magnificent wonders.

You know that feeling where you are watching something so incredible, and all your muscles are incredibly tensed up and all you can do is focus on what your eyes are looking at? I was so there. I couldn’t move. Hell, I couldn’t breathe, and he wasn’t even the one singing! He was just love-doving around looking ever so fine. I couldn’t help it. In the Tweet that made me famous, my love for 70s films was secured. I was on board, and ready to go.

Thank goodness too! There is a great treasure trove to be found under the banner of Masala! And I’m going to confess it, here and now:

I, Erin B.G.W., do believe that the “Golden Age” of Bollywood happened during the 1970s, and not, as I previously thought, the 1990s.

The End.