I Must Love You

Oh Blog Child of mine, look how I am giving you gossip TWO days in a row! I must be addled!

I am starving. Unfortunately we had a film crew in the house all day, so the left overs we usually have from lunch were gobbled up and we are left without in my house and the cook made her exit five hours ago. I have a real hankering for eggs on toast, and we have both eggs and bread but I’m somewhat daunted by having to make eggs on a plate over an open-flame stove top.

I’m such a spoiled little gori cook.

Today we shot for my coworker’s film, an expose on Rickshaw-wallah’s daily lives. It was fun, and a day full of firsts, of which I shall list out and explain in full Erin style!

1. First Sunburn: I don’t burn. Ever. I’ve never turned pink, but I’m looking at my face and my chest right now, and it’s red. Lobster red. I blame my coworker for forcing us to film her film from the hours of noon to three. Outside. In the middle of the street. I’m actually not that upset, but as I’m allergic to sunscreen (all types) I knew I was at least going to come home a little toasty. I was basically on-hand as “recorder” and I just took pictures of her recording video… ok, and I was flirting with all the people who came by to watch… and I’m talking, there were crowds. All they saw was camera equipment and a white girl and WAKAOW! we were swarmed. I rather enjoyed it, since I wasn’t doing any actual work and I was quite a hit with all the little children, since I accidentally let all the Mango Bites spill out of my purse at convenient times.

2. My first ride on a motorcycle: I have a scooter, a dilapidated Vespa that can’t top more than 10 M.P.H. and I basically use to just putter around my housing edition. Today I was seated on the backseat of  a legit Hero Honda (pardon me while I giggle a tad) behind SANDEEEEEP (whom I love) as we drove from shooting location to shooting location. Why have I never traveled in this manner before? It’s so free, and it’s a hell of a lot faster than an Autorickshaw… or car. Plus, there are those moments where the driver takes a sharp turn and you have to timidly grab hold of his shoulder…

No, I don’t take myself seriously.

3. My first hit-and-run. Times two!: The first time I was not paying attention to where I was standing (in the middle of a busy road) while I was taking pictures. A BMW came up, slowly, and nicely informed me of its presence by bumping into me. I blew a kiss at the driver (I’m truly insane) and got out of the way. The second time I was literally rammed down by an Autorickshaw. I didn’t fall, since that would have just been unpardonably embarrassing, but I do have a nice single-tire bruise on my ankle. Ha! I hope it scars!*

4. I saw a naked uncle: Uhhh. I don’t really know if I want to talk about the Rickshaw driver actor who was forced to take a bath by my coworker in the vein of “artistic integrity”.  Call me a prude, but there was a score of intense blushing and eye-covering throughout the entire process. Oh dear, I’m so going to be having nightmares about that.

5. My first milk candy: I don’t know what milk candy is, but Oy Hoy if it isn’t delicious! The end.

Oh, I shoot my movie on Thursday, and then Saturday I go home. Can there be a collective sigh and tear shed for me please?

And no, we’re not going to talk about my film, because I think it’s pretty awful. Confined to 5 minutes, I couldn’t quite put on the Filmi Epic complete with scars, lost twins, Shashi and sword fighting item numbers that I so desired.


*Yes, I just hoped that a bruise would scar. I bet it would happen in some Masala.