February Photo-a-Day, #2: Words

I would have benefited greatly from looking down the list for the rest of February’s subjects as “handwriting” is another one. Regardless, words are words and by the time the  20th rolls around I’ll have a new handwriting anyway.

I schemed up this interesting piece of paper this morning while working. I had a spurt of brainstorming and this was its output. At the very top, a blurry doodle of a text message. In the middle, a reminder to schedule dance class. On the left ideas for self-branding and marketing. In the middle, a sample of the music I was listening to and notes on which pieces jumped out at me today.

The notation of musical works is an interesting one. Sure, the pieces are all on my iPod but I write them down and date them in an Excel file. It’s sort of like emotional journaling. I can track my mood and how I felt based on the music that spoke to me on a certain day. Plus it works as compilation and drafting of “programs” for a pet project I’ve been nurturing for over a year.

Maybe 2012 is the year I’ll see my dream come to fruition… even if it does not, it all starts with words.

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