Tere Bin Laden, 2010

Directed by: Abishek Sharma

When I saw the promos for this film before Raajneeti I thought I had laughed my bum off, however, now after seeing the film I can’t remember doing so.

Can someone please create a course: Indian Comedy and Humor for Goras? Because I would attend that class and study diligently in my effort to gain some understanding over what makes Indian comedy…well, comedic.

Tere Bin Laden had an extreme British Comedy feel, but I get British Comedy, I split my sides at British Comedy, but this and other Indian comedy films and TV shows just leave me totally confused.

Basically this is how the movie viewing went; I laughed when no one else did and everyone else was laughing when I wasn’t.

Despite my lack of comedic insight Tere Bin Laden was a cute film: Ali Hassan (Ali Zafar) dreams of nothing but immigrating to America and becoming a big-shot news reporter, however, his visa has been refused 6 times in as many years, thus making it impossible for him to leave. He works for a junky news station where, while filming a rooster cock-a-doodle-doo off (The “Cock Opera”) he spots a man who looks exactly like Osama Bin Laden. He lures the man into a fake interview where they manipulate his voice and words in order to make a fake Bin Laden tape to leak to the press, make lots of money and buy his way into America. When the CIA gets involved and bombings begin all who where in on the scheme feel guilty and propose making a new tape where “Bin Laden” proposes a cease fire and an end to the war with America.

The film is obviously a satire on a lot of things, and at times has the absolute absurdity that makes me really like films like Dr. Strangelove. It was made well, and the actors are good enough (Ali Zafar has a bit of a problem trying to be SRK in his “macho” incarnation… it was rather cute to watch, actually) and the pace is fine but all in all I wish I had just waited until the film came out on Netflix Watch Instantly and saved myself the 13$ and the hour and a half commute home. (If you don’t know, subways in NYC on Sunday nights are a disaster.)

My fellow audience members all laughed their bums off, and really seemed to enjoy the film, so again I was just missing somethingthat would have made the film a lot more enjoyable for me.


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