Mumbai Monday: Day 1

Technically this is my second day in the big, bad Bombay, but it’s my FIRST day on the job! The driver is coming to get me in a half hour and I’ll be off into the glittering, magical, soon to be exposed Bollywood.

For this first week I just have to “indroduce” myself to the B’Wood. HA! My program director laughed at me yesterday when I was brousing the films stocked in my house and I saw… wait for it… Sholay!

I laughed and hugged it. She looked rather alarmed until I looked her in the eye and said “I’m a Masala addict.”

For a second she was shocked, didn’t know what to say, and then laughed. “Well, that is A LOT of Masala in that one.”

They also have Dev.D in the house. I’m so, so, so in trouble!

They shouldn’t feed this kind of addiction. A country full of enablers!!

I am loving, loving, loving, PYAAAAAAAAARING India. How can I not?
..I mean, really… the people are so lovely and nice and beautiful and helpful.
(I’m intentionally forgetting about being groped through the train window. Forget forget forget!)

1 week down, a month to go.
I promise pictures and everything… I’m HORRIBLE at being a photographer… I’d much rather absorb.

And for my “homework” I’ll be delving into Vinod Khanna in honor of Khanna-O-Rama week…
It’ll be a miracle if I get posts up, Internet cafes leave A LOT to be desired.

Love ya from Mumbai!

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