Mumbai Monday, Got a Mandolin?


Today my thoughts are filled with mandolins, chubby Shah Rukh, and yellow mustard fields! It’s DDLJ to the max!

As of February DDLJ has been playing in theaters for 750 weeks at the Maratha Mandir Cinema in Mumbai.
Can you guess where I will be on one of my weekends? If you guessed going to ever screening that I can shove into my schedule, you’re absolutely correct!

Actually, in my mind, the experience goes something akin to this daydream I had about the same time I found out I had the internship…

I’m working as KJo’s personal assistant, and he shoves me in a rickshaw (oooer) and sends me to the theater saying he’ll meet me there with a “surprise”. True, I think it’s an odd situation, but I’m KJo’s assistant, I’m bound to run across something wacky sooner or later. Anywhoots there I am in the lobby of the theater, kind of miffed that he’s late. I hear a faint, “Erin!” shouted and I turn dramatically, my hair fanning out and gently slapping my face in a very seductive manner. As I raise my eyes (because everyone looks at the floor while they’re spinning. Duh) the wind machines start and my hair billows about me. I lock eyes with Shah Rukh, staring at me in his very Shah Rukhy, irresistible manner…and we weep at each other.

The daydream ends somewhere with me falling on my face and chipping my teeth on the floor. Although, Shah Rukh is so distraught at my pain that he spends the entire film whispering his lines in my ear.

1. I obviously have a very over-active imagination.
2. 70% of me thinks this will actually happen.
3. There are filmi wind machines all over the place in India, right?

Regardless of my absurd fantasies, I will be seeing DDLJ in theatres, and I will probably cry from excitement.

You know what I just thought of? It won’t be subtitled! O well, as it’s one of my top 5 films, I think I know most of the lines by heart anyway.

(p.s. 35 days until I land in Delhi and head off for my Camel adventure!)


3 thoughts on “Mumbai Monday, Got a Mandolin?

  1. OMG, this sounds so awesome!! I would SO want to be KJo's personal assistant. xDIt's one of my life goals to watch DDLJ in that theatre. SO happy for you! =D

  2. Rhilex: I know, right? I feel like it would be the campest, most amazing thing ever to be his assistant. And, I shall share with you many pictures of THIS life goal being realized. With enough umph! you'll get to India too, I promise. And in unexpected ways, I never thought I would be going there like this!Ani: Oh gurrrl, I have SO many better day dreams where I don't end up toothless. ;) But steal away, if you must, and tell me how it goes for you.

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