Yes Boss, 1997

Directed by: Aziz Mirza

I hadn’t seen a Shah Rukh movie in over a month (a new record since the 6 month hiatus last year. A bleak time) so in honor of his new found Twitterdom I cracked open the Netflix envelope I had laying around and popped in Yes Boss.

This was also my sister’s first run-in with my man, the King and had my marvelous SRK DVD collection been anywhere BUT in Idaho (I was in Indiana at the time) I would have preferred to introduce her to something like DDLJ, KKHH, K3G, or the ever power conversion tool: Om Shanti Om and the marvelous, greased up and sexy abs. Yum.  But, as it was I had to make do with what I had.

For the first 30 (or so) minutes I could not get into the story. I was yawn city. However, once the crazy and twisted “what the heck is he doing to himself and Juhi?!” love triangle started I was as onboard as a person can be.

Here’s what saved the film for me (Love triangles aside):

1. Reema Lagoo. One of my top three favorite filmi Maas! (I mean, we all know how I feel about Kirron Kher…) She’s just so real and motherly, like she would make you mango lassi and aloo chaat every day after school and throw an extra gulab jamun in your lunch tiffin just because she wanted you to have a good day. She also comes across as tranquility personified, and that’s very comforting.

2. Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh the couple. Ahhhhh, I wish they were filmed together more often! She’s so wholesome looking and he’s so golden boy. They’re like “the couple” in high school (I was that couple, oddly enough… but I digress…). I loved all of their little “dates” that were just brimming with laughter, that’s what love is: fun, and they had it with extra to spare. They are sweethearts and they just compliment each other so well! I need to hunt down more of their movies.

3. Juhi’s comedic timing is perfection. Especially the “sad statue” bit. She didn’t have a ton of laughs in this movie (she was too busy being crossed and double crossed and “playing a farce”) but when she did she played them up so wondrously.

4.  Shah Rukh’s ties. They were horrendous. I don’t know what was worse, the Marylin Monroe, acid/emo tye-dye or the Jafar (as in Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin) tie. I’m so glad the 90s are finished.

5. Costumes in general. They were tragic. 90s fasion sort of looks like everyone is wearing a pillow case. Ugh. There were some redeemable bits, like SRK in pastels (ALWAYS good!) and Juhi’s pink sequined dress, but otherwise it was another reminder about how grateful I was to have been a child in the 90s and not a teen or young adult. Phew!

6. The songs! None of the songs on my disk were subtitled, which was a HUGE bummer. HELLO! They are a HUGE part of the action and story of a film! What’s the deal?! It was the same in Paa and I was just so annoyed. How much extra can it cost to ensure that the audience knows what is going on? I don’t even care if I just get vague ideas about the words/ideas, even that would be great, but to leave out the subs all together is just so frustrating. That being said the music really was great, nice and 90s-ish YRF-esque music.

7. Switzerland. Enough said. Mountain dancing, the man in a heavy coat the girl in chiffon and no sleeves, galavanting in snow, epic helicopter shots, running towards eachother… A-One! (or should I say “first class”, since that’s how the weather was described before they went to Swizty?)

8. The epic and random showdown at the bad guy’s Lair of Seduction for Beguiled and Put-Upon Girls. There is glass shattering, a broken fish tank, a delaration of pyaaaaar, and out of NO WHERE Shah Rukh’s Maa walks in. Talk about greatness!

9. Karwa Chauth. I love Karwa Chauth moments! I don’t know why, but I always get sappy and weepy and all romantic. Maybe I am a softy, somewhere down under my tough skin.

10. I thought I could think of ten things… but now the last one is eluding me…

However, I did get to watch this with K and L when I came back to Idaho and it was just too fun. It’s totally a watch-and-commentate-along kind of film. I attempted to Video-Blog (“vlog”) about it with L but it didn’t work out for a few reasons… I have TB or something so I have a man voice and am litterally strung out on medicines that make me insane and I was acting realllllly drunk (we are both, in fact, Temperance types, I think L played along acting drunk to make me feel more stable… ) but I’m uploading them anyway, since I spent so much time on them (i.e. not)… please enjoy my degradation and check out my super awesome B’wood hair swoosh at the beginning.

Also enjoy: how I obviously hadn’t gotten out of my Immaan Dharam thing, since I mock it, my bare and beige apartment room (I had been deep cleaning and dusting so everything is missing) my squeaky laugh, my attempt at being civilized, my extreme Laguna Beach-ness, and basically a 4 minute summary of everything I just typed up.

4 thoughts on “Yes Boss, 1997

  1. Ha Ha. Did you ever think that I was maybe just a little bit tired … and when I'm tired I'm as good as drunk? It's true. You didn't mention anything about the awesome fishtank flood. Noah's ark was definitely required.

  2. Didn't I? I don't think I could force myself to talk about it… a crippling phobia of fishes is very hard to overcome. It was more than terrible just to watch them IN the tank, let alone when Shah Rukh had to go and stab it and let them free.

  3. That pink nightgown scene is currently the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of SRK. Its cute, but in a way I wish I had a smoulder moment in there instead. The commentary with you two was definately a-one. I think it should happen again…soon.

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