Immaan Dharam, 1977

Directed by: Desh Mukherjee

I started and stopped this movie six times before I actually finished it (I was distracted by holiday/family things) and it has been about a week since then so I’m just going to muse on the small bits that I can remember.

Shashi and Amitabh were just having the time of their lives, and if they weren’t they certainly faked it really well. It was an all out Shashitabh, the dostana to end all dostanas, the best filmi friendship in the world!

Wow! Helen is a stunner, no?

Thematically it was just a little too bunt and in-your-face. Religion was the theme, the end-all, I got it, but you don’t have to keep banging me over the head with it. The symbolism, the seeing-the-light moments… I’m a very religious person myself, but I prefer to keep that part of me all to myself, I think religion is a fiercely private thing so I was a tad eye-rollish whenever it was so overtly displayed.

I looked very much like Helen’s daughter Pinky when I was little. With all the puffy dresses and frilly socks. All she was missing was a dance routine and a “Little Miss Universe” trophy and we could have been twins!

Rekha was amazing, despite having dark orange makeup smothering her face.  She was a strong and inspiring character whom I enjoyed watching. Actually both Rekha and Helen had roles that were powerful and independent, and while rather small they were full of substance and life.

I love my Shashitabh in Manpris, with rolled cuffs or in bellbottoms and this film had all of those! Yay! Amitabh seemed to own only two plaid shirts that he ALWAYS layered over an olive mesh… thing. Until I realized it was an undershirt I thought his chest hair had gotten severely out of control or he had a weird skin condition. Gross.

I’d have a look like that on my face too if all I wore was a dirty mesh shirt.
In the showdown at the bad-guys’ lair at the end I have to mention that Shashi went into the action with his shirt buttoned and by the time it was finished left with his shirt quite unbuttoned. It was the most marvelous gift the director or Shashi or the costumer could have given me. :)

As I whole I thought the movie was pretty good, but not one that I’ll be rushing to re-watch.

Here are some extras!

This part broke my heart… the fake audience applause…
Sad Shashitabh helping their friend
The most dramatic reveal of a prosthetic leg. Ever. 
(And the bit with all of the wounded soldiers dancing was a little weird.)

My subtitles were whack. They ran 2 frames behind (VERY annoying) 
and had numbers ever scene or so (not as annoying)
I love you Shashi!

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