3 Idiots, 2009

Directed by: Rajkumar Hirani

Can it really be less than 24 hours ago that I saw 3 Idiots?
Ah! Since my viewing I’ve had only 2 hours of sleep and have arrived in my all-time-favorite place in the world: Manhattan, NYC, NY!

I went to the film with my younger sister Kelsy who is a hop and a skip away from being a total B’wood die-hard… she just doesn’t know it yet. She “looooooved” Dostana (err, well, at first she “looooooved” John Abraham [ick!]) and she “loooooved” Bunty aur Babli so I thought I would just let her continue on her comedy spree. I might add that she also had Indian food for the first time before this movie, and as you can imagine, “looooooooved” that too! :)

Anyway, 3 Idiots was totally dil-hugging wonderfulness. We laughed (a LOT), we cried, we squealed we were happy. Our fellow audience members also added a lot to the experience. When I’m in Indiana I have the luxury of an Indian Cinema just 15 minutes away so I indulge myself and actually pay for tickets (my other sister works at the local theatre near my house, so I always get in for free. Family perks!) and settle in with a handful (at most) of other people in the theatre. This time around the theatre was filled to capacity and then some. My poor blonde sister felt incredibly out of place and leaned over before the previews and whispered “I’m totally blowing your cover, aren’t I?” There were actually some aunties behind us chattering about if we had wandered into the wrong theatre by accident. Answer: Nope!  (And I might add that the auntie sitting next to Kelsy was hysterical. She got up and danced at one point!) Having a full audience was great, especially such an animated one. I love feeling like everyone else in the theatre is having just as much fun from the event as you are, it just makes it all a million times better.

Now, on to the film!

Over all I thought it was really well done. The cinematography was clean, the colors were bright (especially the beach part at the end! I so wanted to go swimming in those blue, blue waters) and I cared about the story.

Our three leads Rancho (Aamir Khan), Raju (Sharman Joshi) and Farhan (R. Madhavan) were obviously great friends on and off screen and just looked like they were having so much fun being these characters that the energy was contagious.

They also win some of my most coveted superlatives: Aamir for “Sexiest Sweater vest & glasses combo”. Oh my yum. Also, I had only ever seen him in Lagaan, and that’s totally different. I really enjoyed watching him, he’s so cute!

Sharman won the “Most adorably, heartbreakingly wonderful weeper” and he broke my heart numerous times with his concerns and depth of emotion and character.

Darling R. Madhavan wins “Best Harry Potter look-a-like” and by the end I was madly in love with him. I want to marry him today, but alas! He is already wed. Such is my life.

Kareena Kapoor, whom I adore, did a superb job as the feisty Miss Dr! I want to say that they day I can rock heavy eyeliner and thick-rimmed glasses will be the day Hell freezes over. (envy envy!) and the scene she appears sans make-up is just perfection. She’s the epitome of gorgeous. The end, no further discussion. (Gee I’m sure glad I stopped hating her!)

Poor Boman Irani played another character I could not tolerate. Hmmm. Maybe one day he will catch a break in my book. Maybe…

I also loved the little jab about Raju’s house being straight out of a 50’s film and thus everyone a character went into the house the screen morphed into Black and White. Little touches like that are so good.

The suicide theme was a bit much for me, it’s just not my cup-of-tea and it makes me really uncomfortable, but thankfully it’s more like a jarring side note than a permanent fixture*.

I wanted to kiss Rancho when he was talking about his views on education reform. I am so with him! Memorization does not equal learning and the example of the botch speech was an acute and roll-in-the-isles laughing justification of that. (Especially from the perspective of someone who HAS to know what they are singing in a foreign language. All. the. time!)

Ah, the music was absolute crap**. The love song could have gone somewhere really good but it just didn’t and stayed in a campy, annoying sort of place. Boo! Don’t waste Kareena like that! Give her a good song! The theme song was by far the best, musically and picturization-wise; but otherwise there were no real stand outs or other full-blown songs. I hope that’s not becoming a trend…that would be tragic.

Ohhh! And I would be remiss if I wasn’t to mention the Masala-tastic child-bearing/team building/retribution/sticking-it-to-the-man/blackout moment. Truly the icing on the cake.

…A very sweet, delicious cake.

*If that sounds terribly insensitive/judgmental I apologize. It’s just not something I handle very well…
**Since seeing the film I have fallen in love with the music, especially the ballads. They’re lush and delicious. Zoobie Doobie also grew on me. I can’t get it out of my head!


10 thoughts on “3 Idiots, 2009

  1. Very enjoyable view of the movie, I must say! I have been reading your blog (the reviews) and following your twitter (well, now I sound like a cyber stalker or something :P). I just wanted to say that it's great fun to read your views on bollywood and your other tweets.I hope you get the time to watch and write about other Aamir Khan movies (he is my fav. actor :-) ) like lagaan, dil chahta hai, the rising, earth, rang de basanti, ghajini, fanaa, ishq, qayamat se qayamat tak, ghulam, rangeela and so on! hehe..Happy new year, btw.

  2. How could I forget Andaz Apna Apna. It's my favorite movie of all time, starring Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.There's one thing that I was curious about. How did you get interested in bollywood?

  3. interesting review, however I would like to say that 3i is based on a novel five point someone and i feel its better than 3i, though lesser comedy but as a story, read it, it will give a better picture about education in the IIT's(top technical institutes in India).About the crowd in the theatre, you should come to India and watch the 1st day 1st show, you wont hear much of the dialogue but fans screaming and whistling and dancing and throwing flower petals and even coins at the screen,its a totally different experience,especially south indian movies, people treat stars like Gods.And to add another point, you have said that Boman irani's chracter virus annoyed you,heck thats how its supposed to be, you shud get annoyed thats what the director wants, the director has tried to boil down all the bad things of the system in education to one person.

  4. Agreed, I know that Virus was supposed to be that way…it was just a hard pill to swallow, you could say. Maybe had the character traits divided amongst more people it would have been easier to watch.

  5. One of Aamir's best I think! I agree that ViruS is a hard pill to swallow, but I think credit has to be given to Boman for making him so hard to bare (he is, incidentally becoming one of my fav actors to watch). The music definitely grows on you, esp Zoobie Doobie with it's fantastic picturization.Usmaan already gave you a great list to start seeing more Aamir in. My fav's of his include Tare Zameen Par, Fanaa, Andaz Apna Apna, Rangeela, Dil Chaata Hai, Rang De Basanti and Lagaan. I'm still working on the early stuff.

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