Kabhi Kabhie, Revisited

I was more than a little distracted in my Ethnomusicology lecture this morning, I had Shashi on the brain. (Really? Are you going to blame me? Nope, didn’t think so!)

Also, I had spent the entire weekend (Kabhi Kabhie watching aside) working on a 70 page thesis paper, so as far as all things academic were concerned I was exhausted.  So here are some of the musings I wrote down instead of notes on the tradition of Gamelan

I put KK in last night as background noise while I was working and ended up watching it more than I was writing my paper (that’s OK by me) and I noticed some things that I missed the first go-around:

– Holy cow* is that film colorful! My TV has a clearer picture than K’s and I was SHOCKED by the beauty and the clarity of all the colors. Especially the wedding scene (and subsequent frames afterwards…if you know what I mean, and you do).

-I adored the music the second time around. I had mentioned that I didn’t really notice it the first time (a difficult task for a Music Major, I assure you) but this time it was actually drew my attention from my paper. In fact, I just downloaded a few of the songs from iTunes and the theme has been stuck in my head since Saturday night. I love it!

-How, HOW did I miss Rishi Kapoor the first time around? I must have been amazingly distracted by Shashi not to even notice or care about Rishi.  He is an absolute doll! Preciousness abounding and oozing out of him! Love! Love! Love! Also, him and Neetu are just TOO much!

All together now: Awwwwwww!

-Speaking of Neetu I have to confess that she might be my new favorite. Sorry Rani… except… that’s right, Rani was  Neetu in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi!!! Perfect!!! Ahh! I just thought she was wonderful! And, I had costume envy of her blouses… except for the tye-dye red one. She can just keep that.

-That insane chase scene/forest fire/instant acceptance of everyone’s lover’s lover scene is just all out absurd. And wonderful.

-What the heck is with the chair covers at Amitabh’s pad? With the little cartoon faces and the name of each family member on them? Also, there were a few people that were cartooned but NEVER ate dinner with them. Hmmmmm…. sketchy.

-I’m sure to mention this again, especially since I think I have (finally) found an interest in vintage B’wood: Men should never wear anything but Bell-Bottoms. One word: Yummm!

(*”Holy Cow” was not intended to be an awkward pun)


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