Bunty Aur Babli, 2005

Directed by: Shaad Ali

If this DOES NOT get stuck in your head 
you might not have the power of hearing.

This movie has it all! Bright colors, awesome dancing, super catchy tunes, RANI!!!!, Amitabh AND Abhishek AND Aishwarya, clever and smart acts of crime, humor, pyaar, the Taj, comedy and all over goodness.

Rani (Vimmi/”Babli”) and Abhishek (Rakesh/”Bunty”) are small-town people with big-time dreams that continually run into each other on in their quest for fame. After Abhi’s business deal gets stolen and Rani is refused for the Miss India competition they hook up and go on a crime spree becoming “Bunty” and “Babli” ripping off hotels, stores and even selling the Taj Mahal with ingenuity, charm and style.

They fall in love (how can you resist Abhi? Answer: You can’t) and have a cute little shaadi at the Taj, a kiss(!), a super sweet love song (“Chup Chup Ke”, complete with mountains and snow) and continue on their spree.

As they gain more and more publicity they attract the attention of super-sleuth DCP Dashrath Singh (Amitabh) who makes it his life’s work to track down the thieving duo and lock them up. 
Of course the big show-down/chase happens when poor Babli is going into labor; and I think she receives the award for fastest labor-and-delivery in the history of all time. (Also if my husband had dragged my onto a bumpy train just minutes after giving birth he would have been so dead. SO DEAD.) 

They get caught and promise to give up their glamorous life of crime and move back to their little village. A few years later DCP Singh comes back and recruits the pair to work for the police as expert scammers to catch other criminals. They say “yes” without hardly even thinking, so bored and unchallenged they are by their mundane, respectable lives. (How awesome is it that Rani goes back to work after having a baby!? Kudos to the writer for that!)

I love this movie, it’s just so fun and happy and sweet; the only bad part was that I started thinking “Is it really that easy to rip off whole hotels?!” and wanted to try it but my very real, very logical self caught up with me and forced me to acknowledge how wrong stealing and con artistry is. Very wrong. :)

There was also the funny interplay between Abhi, Amitabh and Ash; those made me giggle. All of the “you could be his father” nonsense and Ash’s scorn of Abhi’s affections in favor of Amitabh’s (which is still funny, even if they weren’t married yet)!

Whew! All those “A” names!

Also, “Kajra Re” is one of my new all-time-favorite songs! (even if the Bachchans squared leave something to be desired in their dancing…)

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