Idahoan Winters

We here in Idaho have had a week long of temperatures not getting above 0 degrees farenheit. That means the Idaho Winter is here, finally, and will not leave us until after I graduate and go home at the end of April.

I live right under that snowman’s butt. 
Which is really a very delicate and truthful metaphor for this place. 

I’m not kidding. I actually stayed around last summer to see when the snow really did melt and it was finally all gone at the end of June.


I’m not complaining (that much) this year because winter sure has taken his sweet time arriving. My first year out here there was snow on the ground and below freezing temperatures as early as September. That was the worst winter I’ve ever lived through. By January the snow piled on the sides of the sidewalks were over my head, and I’m 5’10”, and it kept falling without mercy.

There was also that day when class wasn’t cancelled, even thought it was (get ready for it) -40 outside. I walk to class because the entire city is smaller than a block (well, not really, it’s 3/4 a mile from my apartment to the music building) and because there is no parking on campus. And people can’t park when it snows anyway (And I have issues with Idahoans driving in the first place). They act like they’ve never pulled up beside a car before.

Anyway, that was the day I learned you can’t put on mascara until you get to school. Why? Oh, because it was so cold my eyes were watering and freezing together, then I would cry them apart, just for them to freeze again. By the time I had been sitting in class and my mascara had thawed I looked like I was either in a bad Spanish telenovela or a very depressed, preppy Emo. And no one told me, so I sat through the entire class with black lines down my face. Ha. Ha. Yes, I’m glad my classmates enjoyed that.

I very much looked like this…
Oh, and the general ignorance of either Road Salt (they use red sand, I can’t tell you how DISGUSTING it begins to look around here. Oh, and how unhelpful the sand is) or Snow Plows (the entire city I live in has one. ONE snow plow. ONE!)

It was enough to make me cry with pain when I came back out the next September.

This year has been different though, it’s been really warm up until the week of Thanksgiving, and that Sunday was our first snow.

I’ve begrudgingly pulled my winter coats and scarves out of storage and don’t plan on packing them up any time soon.

But at least this is my last Idaho winter.



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