Rain, Rain, Not Snow

What an anti-climax… in the best stinking way possible!

I have been swindled out of the first snow of the year… (Yes, I understand it is still September (for like 13 more hours…) but that is when snow comes if you live on top of a mountain, like I do)… All week long I’ve heard weather report after weather report that has heralded “Tuesday will be about 85 degrees with hot sunshine, and get ready for it, Wednesday looks to be the beginning of the snow season! We’re getting a couple inches folks, so prepare for it!

“Preparing” for snow out in the West is NOTHING like what we Hoosiers did to prepare for snow. Back East we’d buy out the entire Wal*Mart of bread, milk, gallons of water, eggs, shovels, hats…etc. Out here, people sing a different tune. No one rushes to by ANYTHING, the most they do is check to make sure that they’ve gotten the sweaters out of storage (because everyone knows you can’t even THINK about getting the coats and hats out until it hits zero degrees (aka November), it just isn’t done before that). Easy peasy, Snow Awareness 101, Idaho style.

Well, after getting five precious hours of shut-eye I awoke to a funny sound. A sound that you NEVER hear past the Continental Divide (well, as long as you are in a desert, as I am) the sound, gentle readers? RAIN!

HA! Take THAT weather men! The weather gods knew that after working a 9 hour shift, getting home at midnight and then having to wake up at 6a.m. the LAST thing I wanted to see when I woke up was snow. Ugly, gross, white snow. So, in their infinite niceness and pity, ye ole’ gods of the sky warmed up the temperature a little bit and let it rain instead. Thank heavens! And even though I’ve stepped in 90 puddles of freezing water, at least it’s not slippery, slushy, gross, nasty, disgusting SNOW.

…The snow is coming. I can tell. The locals can tell. It’s never not snowed this late in the year (I’m all for global warming, though, if this kind of rain-instead-of-snow business keeps up)…


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