I was reading through some of my posts today and they all sound very cynical, complainy and kind of …er…witchy. In an effort to change that, I want to concentrate on what has been going well lately.

1. I recently had a 4-day weekend, and celebrated the Fourth of July (my favorite holiday!) and saw fireworks and watched a marathon of The History Channel’s “The Revolution”. Also, every single one of my 5 roommates were out of town, so I had 5 days of silence, peace, and cleanliness. I got to catch up on my sleep, watch as much Bollywood as I wanted, and had free-range of the living room. It was bliss.
2. One night I came home from the Opera and my roommates had bought me a bouquet of flowers and secretly placed them on my desk. It was sweet and beautiful. I LOVE having fresh flowers in my room, and they picked a beautiful summer bouquet. They also wrote up a touching card to go along with it. The flowers have been a bright and fresh addition to my room and they make me smile when I look at them.

I was so caught up in excitement, I took a picture. 
3.  I had a fantastic lesson today and later had my music restored to me by someone who found it. Two wonderful things all at the same time. Perfection.
4. The weather has been sunny and hot. After 4 weeks of rain every day and every night, this is a nice change.
5. On Friday my family will be here! I’m so excited! My sisters have never been to Idaho and my parents have never been here at the same time. Also, this weekend the Opera closes, which will be both sad and a relief. I’m glad I get to share this with the people I love the most!
We’re very brightly colored people…

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