Monday can die…

Some things that happened to me today:

1. My lesson was cancelled. This was a gift from the Heavens because this weekend I left my binder of music in the make-up room (which I was in and out of all weekend for the Opera), the janitors have since made the binder disappear. To a music major this is akin to loosing all of your notes from the entire semester three weeks before the end of the semester.
2. I lost a bowl of applesauce for 20 minutes. After tearing the kitchen apart I spotted it in the pantry. Why did I put a bowl of applesauce in the pantry? I don’t know, but I put in my contacts promptly after reclaiming my lunch.

3. I bought no less than 5 pairs of false eyelashes. It was for the Opera, it’s legit. 4 of them are going back tomorrow, the makeup artist just needed a variety.
4. Had “cold open” for the Opera… basically it’s like a free, full-house dress rehearsal. It went very well, except that half the set still isn’t finished. There is less than 12 hours until we open tomorrow (or today, if you are checking the clock). I hope it gets finished in time. If not, I will puke.
5. After parading about on the stage barefoot (and on a stage of sand, no less) the bottoms of my new Vera Wang sandals are ruined. They are all black and white-trash looking from my dirty, sandy feet. Granted I shouldn’t have bought Vera Wang sandals (but they were cute!) or at least not worn them to the set… piss.
6. I took a shower. This is a huge accomplishment, after spending 30 minutes to take off my stupid wig, because I am/was exhausted.
7. Now I’m watching my favorite TV show, “Obsessed” and hoping to fall asleep…though I will probably play multiple games of Tetris and text a lot of people before I finally get some shut eye.
8. I really want a cookie.

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