Listen with your Heart, You will Understand!

One time I told my Ear Training class that I had a friend that was a professional, traveling Navajo singer. She toured elementary schools and gave graduation speeches at high school.

They all fell for it.
They thought it was the neatest job ever.
Fact: Jas is neither Navajo or any type of Native American, but she does a creepily accurate rendition of “Grandmother Willow”… which is how this whole nonsense got started. It’s the natural sort of thing that happens when you stick yourself and your best friend in a car and drive across the country. This particular fun time happened in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico.
This flatters neither of us (plus, notice the perm), but this was taken RIGHT BEFORE the insanity ensued involving the 
Grandmother Willow business. 
@a Rest stop, day 4
Middle-of-Nowhere, NM
Also, I’m pretty sure Pocahontas was Powhatan or something…no, that was her father. She was a Virginian Tidewater clan, I know that, and her father was cheif over all, so I think they were called Powhatan. How do I know all of this stuff?
a. I’m a total loser and more than chronically obsessed with history.
b. I’ve been to Jamestown, VA.

I will stand by my assessment that after “Hercules” and “Cinderella”, 
“Pocahontas” is the best!

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