I’m finally talking about Holi… (I have the time, I am “finishing” a research paper to turn in in 2 hours instead of going to Ear Training…it’s 60% true…but I have to take study breaks…and I’m just editing at this point anyway…geez, I love to justify.)

I went down to Spanish Fork this weekend and had a part mental holiday (my own hotel room for 2 days and 2 nights = heaven) and part Indian cultural experience where I connected to my inner Indian (not so much inner as all encompassing, but still I have to allow that I’m white white white and no fraction of Indian what-so-ever).

Anyway, I went to Krishna’s temple around noon-ish and wandered around for a LONG time (the color throwing didn’t start until 5). I ate copious amounts of Indian food (and paid for it the next day, I might add) and went CRAZY shopping at all the booths and tents set up…I bought TWO saris (one really nice one, one “everyday” type), TWO veils/scarves, TWO shirts a package of bindis and a bed cover. I had to stop myself from buying more…but I am proud of my bounty. I took most of it to my car, except for one of my scarves which I wore and a bindi. I looked miraculously ethnic. Afterwards I explored more, looked at the llama farm, went to a puja at the temple…ate more food.

They had constant music and entertainment in the form of belly dancers and dance troupes. It was so wonderful…granted I was the only whitey in the sea of brown actually watching it, but hey, those are my people, that’s my culture…as much as I want it to be. I can’t explain it, it speaks to me. Anyway, while sitting in the grass watching someone recreate Devdas I was suddenly absorbed by a group of people I worked with this summer! It was spectacular. There were perhaps a million people there and they just happened to sit in front of me! It was a great moment of hugging, catching up and other such nonsense. At the same time my friend JLowe finally arrived and she came to sit with me too.

When the throwing finally started, we (our now large group) were right in the middle of it. Instantly with the start of the throwing it was impossible to see, smell, or hear. I got a mouth and eye full of chalk (green colored) and couldn’t see my hand enough to throw back my colors in retaliation. It was probably the happiest moment of my life. …No, that came later when a group of Desi men caught me outside the big mosh-pit of color throwing and shouted something to the effect of “Hey hottie, we’re going to get you!” (I speak enough Hindi to glom on to most conversations…so I know what you’re saying!) and dumped an ENTIRE BAG of yellow down my shirt and threw a fistful of orange in my face. I choked on that for about 5 minutes and couldn’t see for ten but I was laughing during the whole process.

After about 7:30 I tried to dust off as much as possible and got in my car to head back to my hotel. I was thankful I had gotten there early and parked on the Temple grounds…there were cars parked up to 7 MILES away!

And I’ll just say this…I’m STILL blowing purple out of my nose…!
BeforeJLoweand I Afterwards! 

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