Adventures in Laundry!

There are only 11 days (o shizzz) left to the semester, I have a pile of laundry, and no quarters. Typical for all of us end-of-the-semester college types. My goal was to make it all the way to the end without doing it, but I finally got to the point where no matter what I had to do laundry…or else!

Thankfully, my accompanist, and married friend, A, was kind enough to offer up her washer and dryer to me and S for the night. The perks of a mar
ried friend: a non-coin operated washer and dryer! We went over to her place, played with her little boy, petted her little baby belly (baby girl!!) and watched “Twilight” on her projector whilst washing and drying. It was nice.
Unfortunatly, her dryer, while HUGE, was very slow and cold…and I had to take my laundry home wet and hang-dry it. O well. At least I was spared spending 7$ and leering glances from Idaho cowboys at the laundromat…

S took a ride in the dryer…well, she only WISHES she did.
My clothes out to dry…don’t I have a pretty room?

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