Your Tuition Won’t Get You Table Manners

Math was interesting, I watched a boy consume a banana whole.

Without peeling it.

And he ate the stem.

It was disgusting.

My outburst of disgust simply added to the reasons why my math teacher hates me. He always stares at me with a look of utter contempt on his face. Whatever. He looks like a Q-Tip.

He only dislikes me because when we were studying probability there was a question along the lines of “Mike’s test scores are as follows: 20, 14, 12, and 5. What is the probability he will improve on the next test?” I politely raised my hand and answered “It is highly unlikely, as Mike is remedial“. I found it witty, everyone else found it witty.

The teacher did not.

Math people have no sense of humor, mainly because they were made fun of in high school and they just can’t let that go. Give it a rest!

I hate math.


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